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We, the participants and the organizers of the International Seminar "The Reflection of the Three Cultures in Don Quixote's characters", held in Toledo on April 16 to 19, 2007, declare:
It is an established fact that the common roots that unite the members of the Three Cultures are much deeper than the events that have divided us apart.

The closeness and the ability to coexist shown by a vast majority have a longer history than the confrontations that have led us to take part in devastating wars. However, we do not judge it thus because the rifts opened by social inequality and ignorance are increasingly deep and keep us from defending our common interests.

We have in our hands the chance to rectify our path, but to that end it is urgent and necessary that civil society and political society, society as a whole, commits itself both individually and collectively to a constant process of dialogue capable of bringing us closer and giving us a better knowledge of the other, of our reflection.

Politics must be an effective part of this process, but it is not enough anymore, because facts speak for themselves. When politics is not based on ideas, it leads to nowhere. The Toledo Encounter has shown that the three cultures provide the foundations for political and social actions that combine the acknowledgement and the appreciation of differences with that of common affinities, a prerequisite for any modern, pluralist, democratic society.

We have now the opportunity to make peace blossom where hate has grown, to build social justice where so much misery was sowed.

The path is difficult but not impassable. It is long, but not endless. The goals are distant, but not unattainable. If we hurry up, we still have time to reach a world in which our children may live in dignity and peace.

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